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georgia advance directive for healthcare 2021

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GEORGIA ADVANCE DIRECTIVE FOR HEALTH CARE Revised March 2016Purpose: In recognizing the right of individuals to (1) control all aspects of his or her personal care and medical treatment, (2) insist
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Hello I'm attorney Joel back of the Beck law firm LLC in Lawrenceville Georgia in our estate planning practice we help people prepare and plan for the what-if moments in life in today's short video I'm going to help you understand the Georgia advanced directive for health care and explain why you should consider having one of these documents in your planning tools the George advanced director for healthcare is a relatively new document we began using it here in Georgia in 2007 and this one document now replaces two documents that used to be commonly used the living will and the power of attorney for health care now under this one document the advanced directive you are able to appoint a health care agent to act on your behalf when needed either because you're incapacitated or is a matter of convenience, and you choose to have your agent communicate with the doctors and the medical staff and make healthcare decisions for you, you also can appoint a backup agent and that's important to do in case your primary agent is not able to serve for any reason in that role additionally in the advanced directive for health care you get to specify your treatment wishes how you want to be treated in certain situations and then provide additional guidance for your health care agent to consider when making health care or medical decisions for you finally you get to designate a guardian if one is deemed needed by the court because of your medical condition that's the highlights of the advanced directive for health care it is an important planning tool, and we recommend that all adults have one of these along with their other basic planning documents such as a last will and testament and a durable power of attorney remember that once you're 18 years of age you're considered an adult, and you need to take care to plan for these situations in the event that it's needed and so college students and parents of college students should consider these documents as well that's an overview of the Georgia advanced directive for health care if you've got further questions about the document or if you need to talk to somebody about your estate planning situation I invite you to call us here at the beck law firm LLC and see if we might be able to help you can reach us at 6 7 8 34 453 or two you can also find us online at the beck firm calm thanks
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